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(verse 1) (haas) Lords Of B-Town here to take the mic back, Wurrdplai… - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 19th, 2005
11:18 pm


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(verse 1)
Lords Of B-Town here to take the mic back,
Wurrdplai is on a straight-up lyrical attack,
The un-signed hype is just tryin to get signed,
But still tryin to rap with the same state of mind,
DJ O So Fresh back there spinnin the tables,
Over the scratch my rhymes sound like one of Aesop's Fables,
My white bread rap group brings it down like no other,
In a battle anyone black or white would get smothered,
The rhymes flow off the tip of the tounge,
So hott they feel like they came off the devil's tounge,
Couldn't afford studio time, got lucky and knew ketch,
Recorded and threw our record out, hopin we weren't playin fetch,
Just wanna hear a jam or two sung by a stranger,
Or get stuck in a restaurant record changer,
So just sit back and let my mad sicca flow go through you,
Now rock away, like I know you want to.

*who knows???*

(Verse 2)
Awww MC C Wizzle takin his spot in rap's hall of fame,
For writing rhymes like this I take all the blame,
My flow's so sick it feels like an epidemic,
Like a virus it becomes deadly systemetic,
Givin you goosebumps, diarehha, and vomiting,
It goes on forever symbolized by a ring,
Won't Stop, Can't stop, til you scream my name,
I won't look back after the obstacles I overcame,
Now all I need is a producer to get the word out,
Let people know who's comin up in the game without a doubt,
Risin up like an mlb star thats on the juice,
Me unsigned is a tradgety like child abuse,
So come on over with contract in hand,
Because after this I'm in high demand,
Offers on the table waitin for acception,
So you better hope you get the interception,
I'll be in the studio the next day ready to record,
Ready to chart topics that are unexplored,
Just get me in the booth and watch me do my thing,
And get ready to be amazed by my linguistic string.

(chours x2)

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