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(Verse 1) (haas) Turn on the radio and see what you find, I bet it's… - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 17th, 2005
01:34 am


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(Verse 1)
Turn on the radio and see what you find,
I bet it's not something smart and divine,
I bet it's mainstream talking all kinds of bs,
So called pimps tellin girls to take off they dress,
Then hommies talking about hustling back in the day,
Making kids deal drugs and try to live that way,
Luring our young down into the depths of nothing,
Bustas popin each other tryin to be king,
Of the rap game that no man can really hold down,
Hell it's hard enough to hold down a single town,
So why not at least do something for the good of man,
Nowadays that kind of music is like contraband,
Not accepted on MTV or even on VH1,
I mean at least don't show them your gun,
And tell kids its cool to be in a gang,
Because they deserve a long flashback before that big bang.

(Verse 2)
Why don't we rap about Jesus like in the days of Gospel,
Are we afraid agnostics will be enraged and rebel,
Or Buhdists and Musslims will hurt the sales,
I guess we arean't allowd to go into details,
My boy kanye wasn't afraid to go there,
So when he goes in the club "Jesus Walks" is blared,
People need more balls and to not be scared,
Jesus and Hoes can't even be compared,
So people just need to settle down a bit,
The Lord holds me down, and that is legit,
So I'm gonna make it ok to hear the lord on a track,
Instead of drugs, money, hoes, and people talkin smack,
Because The lord has gievn me the light I need to shine,
With the spirit runnin through me my raps become divine,
Yea so lets get rid of this gangster rap on the radio,
We don't need it to keep a mad-sicca flow,
So remember what I say in the next line because it's cleaver,
Ho's and Money are temporary but the Lord is Forever.

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