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white man freestyle - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 17th, 2005
01:14 am


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white man freestyle
People call me a wigger because I can rap,
But then when I put it down they go "snap",
Still the color of my skin is holding me back,
So when I put out a Mix Tape you hit next on my track,
Why should my race affect your music selection,
Because being white isn't imperfection,
Simple minded views say that I can't flow,
But I got hot verses that I don't waste by smokin dro,
Why do you think that my rhymes are whack,
When you know Mad Sicca Emcee are ahead of the Pack,
Recording in the studio with Iketchi,
He knows I'm white, but he still respects me,
He's heard me rhyme so he's knows I'm for real,
The skin is white but the rhymes are unreal,
Just remember that when you hear our next track,
Because Mad Sicca EmCees are on the Attack!

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