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(Verse 1) (haas) Yea dj oh so fresh spin that stuff, drop a beat,… - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 14th, 2005
02:24 pm


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(Verse 1)
Yea dj oh so fresh spin that stuff, drop a beat,
when i spit that stuff it's like a-skeet skeet skeet,
UHH yea I got the flow that will send a chill down ya spine,
Mad-Sicca-Em to the Cees we can't be confined,
One sicca two sicca three sicca more,
Up in here it's mad siccas emcees galore,
We rule the game and we aren't even signed,
Mad Sicca's better then every other rapper combined.
Dre, Em, 50, The Game, Luda, and Nelly, Nas and even Rakim,
They better take their rhymes back to the hip-hop gym,
Try and beef them up a bit and think that they're fly,
But Rims, Ho's, and bling is where they rely,
They need to widen their herizons before they can see,
I don't know how they ever got their hip-hop degree,
But we take them back to school with each of our raps,
I still think they need a tutor, and summer school perhaps?

(Chorus)(Lost & Found will smith)

(Verse 2)
Yea the Dj is steppin to the mic to school all of you,
Lyrical rhymes are becoming way too far overdue,
So we're gonna stick you with a fine to set you straight,
That's what the Mad Sicca EmCee decided to conjugate,
Because all the current hip-hop sensations need to be sedated,
Because the good name of hip-hop has started to desecrate.
Latino heat wants to let you know that it isn't abou the benjamins,
It's all about the love of the game, and that is startin to wear thin,
So let's bring back the good old days when you bled your heart into your rhymes,
And rappers weren't know for shoot-ups, robberies, and other crimes,
I want to let you know that that's why mad sicca emcees got into rapping,
Becuase when we turn on tv all we see is music videos with lots of capping,
And hoes walkin round in little peices of floss, didn't your moms teach you better,
A really good looking girl would still be attractive if she were wearing a sweater,
But that way the girl could keep her dignity and not have to look like a slut,
I mean really when you think about it what's so attractive about a butt?
Yea like latino heat was putting it down girls don't have to be sluts,
So when I turn on TV I don't want to see videos with all that smut,
That's what's wrong with all the videos out there right now,
But this is that stuff that I can no longer allow,
So lets keep the videos like the good old days, a good dance off does wonders,
So let's not lower our standards so we see all of todays blunders,
Yea how about we keep the ladies respectable and the violence on the dl,
Just think about that as we bid you a polite farewell...

(instrumental break)


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