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(Chorus)(So fresh so clean- outkast) (Verse 1) (vince) Yea I'm Oh so… - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 12th, 2005
12:10 am


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(Chorus)(So fresh so clean- outkast)

(Verse 1)
Yea I'm Oh so fresh and us mad sicca emcees are super fresh,
yea and we super clean, so show us your big-o-breasts,
Uh Dj Oh So Fresh turnin this record like a pro,
I supply the beat to my patna's mad sicca flows,
Let my rhynmes flow through you like a hit of weed,
Our flows get you high, so we know we'll suceed,
So turn up the volume and jam to this track,
And don't touch that dial or your in for a smack,
Yea mad sicca emcees will tear up the radio,
Because are songs are so catchy they'll take contro,
Yea so listen to outkast explain this for ya right quick,
Because my flow is too wicked for a hudson hick.


(Verse 2)
Yea we just so fresh so clean clean, you can't handle this,
Our mad sicca flow is like a little taste of bliss,
Yea it's like nirvana each time our records hit your ears,
We are each and every rapper out there's worst fears,
Mad beats and tight lyrics to match,
So they wince everytime they hear DJ Oh So Fresh scratch,
Ziggy-Iggy-Iggy with the flick of his wrist,
They know they're beat but still they persist.
Yea they won't stop even tho they know they're beat,
Looking like drunken bums lying on the side of the street,
While we drive by in the Escalade riddin on twenty fo's,
Yea they can't kepp up each time we switch the flow,
Bringin it down for the entire midwest,
Because when we step to the mic it's not even a contest,
Ya'll couldn't even check a mic off of a mad sicca emcee,
We don't need this rap money, honeys give it up for free.


(Verse 3)
Yea WurrrdPlai is comin to spit the truth,
We were spittin better game than ya'll in our youth,
Yea we spit it so hot that we singe your eyeborws,
Plus we so hot that you start to get aroused,
Yea mad sicca emcees could rap circles round you,
the best of your rhymes couldn't touch our debut,
As you search for raps to try and break us down,
we'll spit it so hott your underwear turns bown.
Latino heat will make you crap your pants,
Because he's constantly rapping while you smoke your plants,
The hot fire comes from deep within my ecuadorian soul,
Your raps just keep barrying you deeper into a hole,
I got that mad sicca flow that ya'll could never match,
When I step out of a battle I don't even have a scratch.

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