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Graduation - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 7th, 2005
07:25 pm


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(Verse 1)(Latino Heat)
Yo, this verse is so strong that I'll move the crowd,
You can barely hear my rhymes cause they screamin so loud,
(crowd sound) I can barely even hear my thoughts in my head,
The place is so packed that you know I'm makin the bread,
Now lets get down to the current issue on hand,
The time is passing by like an hourglass filled with sand,
You look back now on all your memories happy and sad,
You want to go back, and pretend that you aren't a grad,
Moving on is the thing to do, but you don't wanna try,
Oh man, is that a tear in your eye, cause you just don't wanna say goodbye,
Lemme give you a tissue so we can get your cheek dry,
Give it one last sigh and keep your head to the sky.

(Chorus: Vitamin C- Graduation(Friends Forever))

(verse 2)(MC C Wizzle)
I know that we say we'll hang out some time over the summer,
But I know that we won't and it's truely a bummer,
So girl just dry your eyes and give me a hug,
Let's just forget our worries and cut a rug,
Just enjoy this hot track and forget that you were all upset,
If you'd just sit back and relax the bad thoughts would be gone no sweat,
So here's a tissue and a heart felt song coming from your friend,
Even when we're physically apart we'll be together until the end,
Girl I'm there for you and I know you'll be here for me too,
So forget your worries and party with the Mad Sicca EmCee crew.


(Verse 3)
Yea as we go on, we remember, all the times we h-h-had together,
And as our lives ch-ch-change c-c-c-ome whateva, we will st-st-still be friends for-ever,
Yea Like my girl VC used to put it down, our lives may change,
And after a while my face may start to look estrange,
But remember girl that you are in my heart when worst comes to worst,
Even when everyone else has started to disperse,
You'll be there for me and i'll be there for you,
But for now that's all that I can construe.
Yea as our lives change come whatever, we'll be friends forever,
You'll be the first one I call for each and every endeavor,
We may seperate as time goes by and the connection starts to fade,
But honey this player will never get played,
You're my friend true and true, and girl we will always have that,
Even when our relationship has hit that metaphorical flat.

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