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(Chorus) (Verse 1) (Chase) My lyrics are like nothin you heard… - Music Chat B-Town Style
June 19th, 2005
11:57 pm


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(Verse 1)
My lyrics are like nothin you heard before,
They're violent, like we're in a state of war,
Feuding words get spit like nobody's business,
Lyrics so high they start to transgress,
Pass boundries that haven't been crossed,
They hit you so hard it's like memory loss,
A blow to the head, givin you amnesia,
You get numb like it's anaesthesia,
Freeze up and forget your verse,
But son, your pride can't be reimbersed,
You feel like you got hit with a brick,
I make you cry, like it's a chick flick,
Shooting lyrical daggars into your back,
Because when it comes to rapping your a literary hack,
You can't even write your own rhymes,
Because you have to start over a million times,
Even your mom tells you that you should throw in the towell,
Even your best critics sound like simon cowell.


undone, im too tired to think

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